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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ok so here are the characters for now...

     Ok so these post I have thus far are just the beginning to my blog. I just wanted to start by getting all of the info I had so far put together so I can continue with my writing in an organized fashion. I am planning on blogging pretty erratically to be honest...I mean it will be everyday or every other day I just for now wont have a set time I guess. So please tell your friends(if you have any) who are artists looking for something to mess around with some characters or whatever. I really want to collaborate with an artist on this project. If I can't find someone I am just going to make a novel out of it with post chapter art from random friends(if I have any) doing the artwork. Kind of a "Vampire Hunter D" style novel.

     I am however pleasantly surprised at the number of views I have accumulated thus far, and the awesome follower Miss Kar!!! Thanks for giving a shit its pretty cool. I hope you are all enjoying the characters so far and if you are please comment, tell me what you think tell me how they strike you, if you could get to know him or her. That's the point of this blog, to have you put in your 2 cents about it.

     So once again thanks to everyone and I look forward to creating a world you want to believe in. Characters you feel for, or just despise as much as I do.

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  1. sent you this privately so I figured I'd post so other folks could weigh in...

    You need a sneak. Someone who has virtually no formal fighting skills and relies on secrecy to survive. Maybe it’s a young girl… an INNOCENT. This will appeal to the parental instincts of the readers... A conflict savvy, rogue scavenger of the underground by his/her early age, this mute child is a master of evasion, stealth, and cunning. This child can sneak into a room full of people and lift wallets, and food undetected. After a long while of shadowing the group, the child makes his presence known and is taken under the wing of one of the characters. After a while, arm the child with a small melee weapon for a desperate struggle for survival, escape, etc.

    Also... You mentioned that due to climate change there is a migration to the south. what time frame is this following? and geographically speaking, where is New Aires? Will climate affect this location eventually? Is the Bureau in danger because of it? Does this have an effect on their intent and endgame? Or are just just an evil entity that abuse the refugees for unrelated nefarious gains? What will the characters accomplish by disbanding this organization?