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Friday, November 2, 2012

Azriel-The Roaring Silence

Azriel- The quiet one. Rarely speaks more than a couple words, and never out of turn. Respect is number one for him. An orphan at birth was raised on the streets until The Alliance instilled their draft when they waged war. He was only twelve when they took him and started his Agent training. Where he was top of his class so they moved him to the sniper division. He can hit a man in the cornea at 2 kilometers. He very quickly moved up the ranks and soon was their top sniper in the field, until the day the order was given down to take out the family’s fleeing the war zones of The America’s. After the order was disobeyed and his whole squad was personally destroyed, he decided he wouldn’t be apart of the destruction of the World, and defected. After leaving and doing mostly freelance work for the militia’s all over Europe he made his way down to New Aires and helped for The Leaders of The Lost alongside Bella, Roko, and Skitz.

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