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Thursday, November 1, 2012

And So It Begins.....well sorta

          So here I go spouting off about god knows what to probably no one, but that's the beauty of the inter-webs!!!! My story begins with my love for graphic novels.I grew up with a brother who was into comics sorta but no huge influence. I always loved the X-men on FOX Saturdays when I was young but other then that I never read comics. Until my infatuation with Zombies came to light.This beautiful part of my life slowly took over and began a love for horror and graphic novels that I now cant fight.The Walking Dead is by for my favorite novel, in which I am currently on TPB 6. I know I know i should be much further but I am a father and a husband with a wife in school so funds aren't too plentiful. I also am in he middle of Marvel Zombies as well which I just purchased the Halloween edition from back order.

         To make a long story short this is why I have decided to write my own, apart from a short lived outline I wrote during my stoner days this is something I feel like may be possible for me to do. The only thing I cant do is draw... So if anyone out there who happens upon this blog....first off I apologize this isn't anything brilliant I won't change your life with my words or anything but if u like what you see comment on it and give me some pointers submit me some drawings lets see if we can't make something awesome here!!!

          So I think i'm going to start by doing my outlines and back stories on my characters. This is something I want to keep very straight in my novel is the story I want characters to last in your mind I want you to feel for these people.....or fucking hate them, but I want to instill passion for my characters. So far I have 5 Main characters or groups, The world in which the Leaders take place and most of the premise lined up. I still want to create more of a back story for each character, maybe do a short story for each and then see what people think. See my plan is to make a novel with the people who would read its help. I dont want to give away story or anything like that but I want people to have a hand in what they enjoy. So my goal is to put my stuff out there listen to suggestions and build a world around what YOU want to read. 

          So I hope this sounds interesting to everyone else as much as it does to me and I hope to hear from you all in the future and get this thing going!!!!

Skyler D.

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