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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The opening scene-Welcome to our world...

     The scene opens up with Damien sleeping, then we jump into his dream. Its the night his mother and sister were murdered by Bureau Agents.His older sister got him out through the trapdoor in his mother's room beneath her bed. The trapdoor is for the nuclear fallout shelter they had installed a year before the bombs were dropped on the 8 major cities in the United Sates among other sites around the globe that were against the Alliance in the end all war.
     As the Agents kick the door down and subdue his mother and sister, we are informed that they were "warned to get the Fuck out!!" The lead Agent, Jackson, comes walking in after the commotion settles down and they have his sister tied and gagged, and his mother cuffed standing in the middle of the room trying to stand tall telling Jackson "Fuck You...My husband built this house with his bare hands, who are you to tell us to leave?!" "We arent hurting anyone way out here why do you insist on forcing us out? We aren't going to be forced out by the scum of the earth looking for total control for your "New World""  As Jackson cirlces he begins to chuckle to himself," You were told to want to play games bitch? Well games are starting tonight...and you wont be enjoying our games, especially when your daughter gets front row seats to what will surely be a grisly string of events leading up to her own slow end." His mother standing there eyes wide knowing the true hell she is about to face begins to beg for her daughters life," Please don't hurt her, she hasn't done anything she is just a child!" "She looks plenty grown up to me", chimes in an Agent who is laying next to her on the bed, stroking her hair and wiping away her tears. "We warned you too many times Patricia, you should have listened...for your family's sake." says Jackson as he walks around Damien's mother smelling her hair and running his hand across her neck. "Get the fuck off of me you piece of shit!, I will never leave my home because of some FUCK HEAD, who thinks he can just force people out of their homes!" Jackson looks her in the eye and says," If only more of you would just leave...we wouldn't have to force anything." "But, because you are all so goddamn proud we have to do things...well the hard way as it were." As he snaps his fingers and points to his men," You two take the girl, and you to take care of this unpleasant woman...after your done searching the place.....burn it down." Patricia and Damien's sister Jenny begin to kick and scream, but to no avail they were going to die here tonight...going to be forgotten by the land, forgotten by the world....but not by Damien. He will never forget this night as he peaks out from under the trapdoor to see his mother and sister beaten, raped, and left for dead while they search the home and farm. After about an hour of searching and Damien trying to get the courage to step out of the bunker and see if his family was still alive. He hears JoJo, Jackson's second in command give the order to"Burn it down, make sure it looks like an accident...We were never here!!", he shouts.
     After hearing this Damien squeezes out of the trapdoor trying to gather his bloody and broken mother and sister into the trap door before the whole house comes crashing down. He at the last second gets his sister into the bunker as the house caves in, He sits and rocks back and forth as he holds the bodies of his sister and mother until he finally falls asleep.
     So I don't really know how I want this to all play out, I don't know if I want this to be something we come back to here and there giving readers only a glimpse at a time and over the breadth of the novel they learn the truth, not only about what happened to his family, but what drives his insatiable quest for Jackson. I am hoping to make this whole series of dreams very vivid, very cruel and heartbreaking. I want this to be the egg I drop into your brain and make you start to hate The Alliance/Bureau.

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