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Friday, November 2, 2012

Damien-The Leader

 Damien- The leading character, He is a nomad at the time of the opening scene. A soon to be Hero for the lost and the damned. Lost his faith after his Mother and Sister were slaughtered one winter when he was fourteen by outlanders about two years after the War of The World. His sister sacrificed herself to get him out of the house and off the farm. He got away but not before he saw the outlanders rape and kill his family. They were able to survive all alone because of the family farm which was fully self sustainable. He grew up on the farm with his Mother and sister in the upper Midwest. His father left when he was five to join the People’s Army, so he had to become a man on his own by instinct hard work on the farm and books they had or could trade for when travelers would come through. He learned how to hunt and fish mostly by trial and error, but by 13 was very efficient at both skills and they rarely would go hungry, thanks to the hydroponic self sustaining garden and fishery they devised with the help of a drifter who stayed with them as a hired hand for the summer when he was eleven. After his mother and sister were murdered he managed to live on the farm for the duration of the spring until he had enough provisions to cross the void of earth across the middle of the continent. Due to the nuclear winter that was fast approaching the upper states were in a nearly continual fall state and the southern areas were next. within two years of leaving the family farm there would be only winter above what is for us Tennessee. Following the Great Migration south was the only choice anyone had anymore. The land was all but dead and the days getting shorter and colder from the fallout were unbearable above the equator.

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