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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Alliance-They who lead behind closed doors rule it all.

The Alliance- The main antagonist. A group of World Leaders that waged The Great War on the world. A secretive panel of the 5 remaining leaders which are never live in public due to the assassination of the other 4  throughout the past decade. They are only heard through the obnoxious propaganda, which is all obviously meant for the upper class people that the Alliance is trying to help populate the world through the eradication of the poor and diseased. As a form of all around military/police they have instilled in The Bureau. They work completely behind closed doors and are by all accounts "Untouchable". The only time we get to really see them is when they are in conference with the leaders of The Bureau. They are only ever referred to by their numerical order in which their screens are in the conference room.

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