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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Opening Scene

     So I started writing the opening scene tonight and I am really pumped! I think this is going to be a very integral part to getting people on the side of Damien, getting them to see and feel his hatred and passion for bringing down The Alliance/Bureau. Which in essence is the whole point of this blog....I want you to get a feel for these character, I want you to know why Damien became himself, why he is such a loner out roaming  for months on end until he finds New Aires and "The Leaders". I think the best part about it all so far is how intense the scene is, how brutal and raw the events are that are taking his family away.
     /on some other great news I think I have found my illustrator for the time being...My guy Dean is gonna take a look at the script and hopefully we can get a storyboard rockin and get you guys some sample artwork to get your chops tingling! I m also in the process of writing a new character...Thanks Nate! and should have her somewhat rounded out here in the next couple of days. I think she will be an addition a little deeper into the story of Damien, I am hoping I can sneak her in as a somewhat tail for him, like an orphan on the street who has done all she could, good or bad, to stay alive. She should be ready soon so hopefully you all can get excited about that!! Well thanks again for taking a peek into my world and tell you friends to fucking get on this shit its only getting better!!!!!

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