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Friday, November 2, 2012

Skitz-The Engineer/ Wreckateer

Skitz- The engineer of the group.Not quite right in the head.Loves explosives, almost as much as he loves big woman.”Something of a chubby chaser”, as he likes to call himself. A small man compared to most. He stands a towering 5’5”, and very slender. Wears an orange jumpsuit littered in pins from grenades and remotes for explosives.Grew up in the same area as Damien, so he tends to have a good connection with Damien when he isn't in a psychotic rage trying to blow something up.He is the team mechanic and all around psycho.If you're looking for him check the local whorehouse and if he isn't three folds deep on a husky woman he’s at the bar sucking through a bottle of vodka, or as he likes to say “halfway to oblivion!”

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