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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bureau-The New right hand to the Government

The Bureau- The military/police put in place by The Alliance after the 4 public assassinations shorty after The Great War.They are the “face” of the collective government in the “New World” so to speak. A very corrupt group hell bent on wiping out the remaining Freedom Fighters so they can implement their New Society, in which the rich have complete free reign over the world and can start from scratch on the new humanity they all dream of. They are the #2 enemy of The Leaders of The Lost, but only 2nd to The Alliance. They have “Agents” that police the world, because there is no form of local government and a “fair trial” is a thing of the past. You would be lucky to live after an infraction against an “Agent”. “Agents” are The Bureau’s military, judge, jury, and executioner. Based out of New Aires, they control everything in the new world. Strict laws and curfews are put in place so that anyone who disobeys is taken into custody and the chances of being seen again are slim if at all. The only places they don't really have any power is in the outlands. Where people, if you can even really call most of them people, have free reign if they can survive the harsh climate.

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