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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Aires- The city beneath a city with a dream....

     New Aires, where the western world goes to die. This is the biggest city that The Bureau/Alliance still lends its economical hand to. This is the city they hope to start the rebuilding process for the western world. The area to the north, which is the southern portion of America, is what we refer to as the "Outlands" which is where society has completely broken down and they just live to live and have to go about getting provisions and whatever they need any way possible. I really want to focus on the way people have reverted to hunting and scavenging by any means necessary. I was thinking after Damien wakes up from his dream  and is in the woods with the rain pouring down on him lighting up his smoke he heads back out on the trail to wander the trek to New Aires. There will be a decent portion of the story played out here in the Outlands so we can really set the mood for how dark and hostile the lands can really be. There will be some mutations I plan on bring to the be ready for some sweet beasts.
     Back to New Aires, This is a very dark place, a place where the rich can get anything they want at the snap of their fingers, and the poor struggle to eat scraps. This is a place where a revolution must be born, where the voice of the people will rise like a tidal wave that will one day envelope The Alliance and bring it crumbling down. The city at its core is a busseling metropolis(well as much as it can be for the time being) but the further you get away from the center, which is where the main nuclear power source is, it gets worse and worse.
     Buildings are constructed from the foundation of the ruins of a city destroyed by the world war and pretty much shanty towns built on top of it for the people on the outskirts.Electricity is not something easy to come by in these areas unless they somehow hack into the power grid for a day or two, which is something that is not an easy task to accomplish so they try not to waste the opportunity unless they can use it to a strategic advantage.Day and night aren't really distinguishable in the bigger cities due to the pollution that pours out of the oil/coal powered grids and other forms of power generators that the upper class get to use, unless you are a couple miles out of town. Which will also have some effect on the weather, which will consist of acid rains and other hardships people must face due to not only the pollution but the nuclear fallout that still has a slight affect on the world around them.
     Now when it comes to the layout and accessibility of the city it depends on the region of the city you are in. When you are in the heart of the city, where the money is funneling into, it looks very much like a normal metropolitan area with skyscrapers and beautiful architecture. These sections of the cities have weather simulators so they can control the weather and make their lives more habitable. Which in turn creates more pollution and other adverse side effects to the surrounding areas. The outer areas where the poor and downtrodden are forced to claw their way through life are very inhabitable on the outside, but underneath the rebellion has given birth to a new form of society. Where there is still democracy by elected officials for the good of the people. This however is constantly attacked and beginning to crumble, people are eating less and they are running out of room. They have started heading underground and have been building there, but without the numbers and supplies these things are getting harder and harder to do. This is where the Leaders come in and are looking for new answers, new ways to create order in this world of chaos by bringing down The Alliance at whatever cost necessary.

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