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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Aires- We Are Building A Future.....Out Of Disrepair (More info)

     Alright, so I have been going over this all in my head for a week or so now. How do I build a my mind?? I'm not artist by any stretch of the imagination. Notice the blog has no artwork what so ever... This is something I'm working on, but am having difficulty procuring an artist who isn't currently busy in my area. So this has been my dilemma, how do you build a city that you can pull characters out of when ever you need? Well after about a week of really trying to imagine this world I just began to see it, now I just need someone to put it down for me and let it all take off. Soon enough I'm sure I will find what I am looking for, in the mean time I get to write which is just as fun.

     So a little more on the city of New Aires. I am really thinking more and more about where to go next with the scenes, I really wan to go back and forth with the characters later on in the story. I want the underworld to be almost its own separate entity, imagine Demolition Man(Wesley Snipes/ Sylvester Stalone) meets Resident Evil. There is only a few places around the world that The Alliance has decided to rebuild, and where they have decided is mostly on the major cities around the world not directly destroyed completely by the war. This means they are able to take buildings that were partially destroyed or still in decent shape and use them, but being that most of the cities have been leveled at least partially they have to just cap it off with new foundations leaving an underground perfect for the birth of a rebellion. The narrow streets are lined with cargo container style apartments, mostly consisting of a room and a bathroom. Electricity isn't something readily available to this underworld, so most have to use small fires and candles for light.

     Food and water are not easily accessible either. Water is a very large operation which involves desalinization, because they have to pull the water from the ocean to keep it concealed otherwise the Bureau would immediately shut off the water supply. Food is something they deal with mainly through protein compounds and other manufactured foods they can steal from shipments on the way into New Aires. With The Alliance in complete global domination they have monopolized all forms of manufacturing, including distribution so the prospect of finding a company to pay off or barter with for goods is all but impossible to accomplish.

     There are little shops and whatnot around so people who do go out and scavenge, or hunt and gather,  have a place to trade goods. There are also central markets that set up daily in certain sections for trading and eating. It is very much a community where everyone has no choice but to help in some way or another. With people constantly making their way into the underworld looking for refuge, the population is ever increasing and with only a limited space to fill the desperation is growing constantly. The seed of rebellion and upheaval is on the rise, which is bringing the Leader together to put an end to the tyranny.

     This city to me is where "New Life" will emerge and the whole of the story will mostly take place here and in the city above. The struggles of not only trying to get in and out undetected, due to the secrecy of the entrances, but the fact they have to navigate the city above for a variety of reasons is enough to get you killed.

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