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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Busy Busy Bee...

     Alright so I have been pretty busy with work and what not so there isn't a whole lot to talk about (which sucks ass...) So I have been doing some cool reading of creative writing courses for free online which has lead me to start a journal, which is a lot cooler than I thought it would be. It really seems to be helping me open my mind to new theories and thought processes which is a very cool thing for someone who has no writing background to speak of. I am really hoping to just work on building the world around my characters and more back story as well.

     The biggest thing I have learned so far is how hard it is to find an artist who is in my area who can devote some time to helping me with storyboards without paying them...which I guess goes without saying but is still a bit frustrating. Although the process has helped me learn how to create more detail in my writing so I can move through scenes without it.

     I hope to have more soon and thanks for keeping up and checking my shit out!!!

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